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Los Verdes

2 mai 2009 6 02 /05 /mai /2009 10:18


OPEN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY POLICY: Free/Open Source software, information commons, interoperability and users rights, technical neutrality and net neutrality. What do all these words have in common? They mean easy access to the digital world to bridge the digital gap - for poor and rural areas, they mean weakening the power of monopolies, they mean demanding open standards of technical compatibility of software,  they mean protecting the privacy and fundamental rights of users and consumers on the web and, finally,  they mean a new economic model based on value added services instead of based only on property rights. 

COOPERATIVE GREEN KNOWLEDGE POLICY: Widespread cooperation in the field of knowledge, innovation and culture is indispensable for the survival of the planet and for breaching the enormous gap between the North and the South, between rich and poor throughout the world. Both the struggle for social justice and the fight in defence of the planet need a universal and massive transfer of knowledge and clean technologies. 

LIGHT AND FAIR INTELECTUAL PROPERTY POLICY: Intellectual property policy must stimulate innovation through the sharing of information and the greatest possible access to culture. The strengthening and radical extension of IP regimes tend to hurt SMEs, the poor, rural areas and the South. The extension of the term of copyright and stricter IP in general restricts the social access to culture and knowledge. We need to eliminate irrational  barriers erected by intellectual property regimes against the transfer of clean technologies, medicines and software toward the South and many smaller markets. Knowledge generated with the help of  public funding should revert back to the public good through wide public dissemination and should be liberated of patents and copyright - this is particularly true for fundamental green technologies and other socially essential knowledge.



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