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Los Verdes

11 mars 2009 3 11 /03 /mars /2009 11:54

 (Libres flujos de información y conocimiento para un decrecimiento justo y sostenible)

 Both the struggle for social justice and the fight in defence of the planet need a universal and a massive transfer of knowledge and clean technologies. Widespread cooperation en the field of knowledge, innovation and culture is indispensable both for the survival of the planet and for the breaching the enormous social gap between the North and the South, between rich and poor throughout the world.


We need to eliminate the barriers erected by intellectual property regimes against the transfer of clean technologies toward the South and many smaller markets. "Green" knowledge generated with public funding should revert back to the public good through a wide dissemination and should be liberated of patents and copyright.


The access to cultural content and other knowledge in Internet should not bear restrictions or irrational privatizations. We should tear down any barrier set up to impose IP regimes on software platforms. The crucial principles of freedom in the digital internet world should be: interoperability (compatibility of standards of software),  net neutrality (no interference or filtering of traffic of data on the web) and universal access (internet coverage for all). No legal restrictions should exist against community wireless services. Any legal measure that restricts the access to data and the sharing of knowledge and information in Internet chills innovation and the advance of social equality .


Economic growth based on information, creativity, culture and communication is a serious alternative to the irrational material growth of our speculative economy.

The necessary "de-growth" of our material economy that is so destructive of our planet should be accompanied with urgency by the encouraged growth of immaterial  exchange and cooperation in the fields of culture, knowledge and innovation. 


The green economy is one of very low-carbon and very high knowledge, of very low ecological footprint and very high culture and appropriate technology.


This economic model has great implications in moving the society toward the enjoyment and consumption of imagination and the creation innovative cultural and green services that create satisfying jobs with clear social aims.  


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